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General Overview

General Overview

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Software, Tools and Languages

The curriculum for the BTS - Associate Degree is defining the knowledge of students by the end of the studies. You can download the PDF file, following the link.

If the curriculum defines the main objectives and skills, most of the tools choices are free.

Technician can participate to the analysis phase, starting with xx. He will also participate to the design phase and coding.
Validating applications, helping end-users, choosing the right solution, developping software or libraries are part of his job.
The software developer must know the usage of tools and methods to organize projects.

Duries the studies in our College, the students will mostlty use the followings :

  • Languages :

    • c/c++ C/C++: Standard language for most of compiled applications
    • Java : Platform Independant language
    • C#: Object oriented language for the .Net plaform
    • PHP: Programming language for Active Server Pages
  • Tools and IDE:

    • MS Visual Studio 2005 / 2008
    • Eclipse / Netbeans
    • Rational Rose / StarUML
  • DataBase:

    • Mysql: One of the most Opensource Database used
    • SQLite : Easy to use, without Server
  • Communications

    • Serial Comm : RS-232C, RS-485, ...
    • Industrial buses : CAN, ...
    • UDP/TCP-IP : Client, Server,
    • GPRS
  • OSes

    • Windows
    • Ubuntu
    • QNX
  • Misc.

    • XHTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
  • Bureautique

    • OpenOffice
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